Letters to Home

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Writing

April 10, 1912

Dear Kate,
I hope this
letter finds you well. I have been giving a great deal of thought to your last letter. When I took this position as London correspondent for the Herald, we knew it would be for three years. I was very distressed that after only fourteen months, you have found New York City to be a lonely place without me. When you told me you had found someone else, my heart nearly broke.
Dearest Katherine, I cannot stand to leave us unresolved and lose you to a stranger. I had hoped to contact you by wireless, but the nearest transatlantic station is in Ireland. I hate to spring this on you without notice, but I have booked passage on a ship home. This new ship not only is supposedly the fastest transatlantic conveyance, but it actually has its own wireless. I have arranged for the office to deliver my letters to you post haste.



April 12, 1912

Dear Kate,

Two days on this infernal vessel has giving me a lot of time to think. I can’t stand to lose you to another man, but this is the posting I have worked toward my whole career. If I can finish my assignment in London, we can make our home and live in any of the forty-six states you like. If you want to stay in New York City, that will be fine as well. Kate, please allow me to get back to you so we can discuss this in person.


April 14, 1912
Dear Kate,
It has been a long day, but I must get this off my mind before I turn in for the evening. I have convinced Harold in the wireless room to get off this missive before shutting down for the night. I have continued to agonize over this dilemma, and my vow to speak to you prior to making a decision is hindered by my solitude on this blasted ship. I can’t sleep another night without getting this off my chest.
Therefore, my dearest Kate, I need to tell you

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