I.T. The Most Hated Profession

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Writing

The other day, someone mentioned to me that I.T. is the most hated of all professions. I thought about this for a bit and then it occurred to me that no other profession has to put up with the same types of problems. If it is or is connected to a computer, people will say things that they would not even consider saying to someone in another profession.

“Hello, body shop? Can you look at my car? It’s all smashed up and wrapped around a tree. No, I didn’t hit the tree. I was driving along and next thing I know this tree has smashed my car. And while you are fixing this one can you get me a new one to drive? And make sure you program my radio stations the way my old car was set. Also, I am a very important person, so I need this done by lunch.”

“Hi, is this Proctor Silex? Can you send someone out to look at my toaster? I put some bread in about 2 hours ago and it’s still not toasted. I’ve pushed the little knob down 27 times and it just doesn’t get brown. What? Is it plugged in? I’m not an electrician. I don’t know anything about cords and plugs and stuff. Can’t you just send someone out? I’m really hungry.”

“Hello, Mr. President, this is Ralphie at missile silo #47. One of our nuclear missiles just launched itself and is heading for….. let me see….. Moscow. I have no idea what happened. I’ve just been sitting here watching the screen like always. Well, there was this little box that popped up on the screen a while back. I don’t remember what it said, but I clicked Okay. Was that a problem?”

“Is this the CDC? I think I may have a problem. Well, I got this letter. I thought it was ok, because it said right there on the envelope, ‘Please open. You have won 10 million dollars and it’s in this envelope.’ Who sent it? Let’s see… it came from the International Organization of Terrorists, but there was a smiley face so I thought it would be okay. Anyway, when I opened it, all this white powder spilled out. I smelled of it, but couldn’t tell what it was, so I licked some of it. Now my head is swollen up and turning purple. Can you send someone out?”

Yeah, all things considered I think most of us are pretty nice.

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